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There are different causes for poor or no mobile coverage

Almost 80% of the communication involving smartphones takes place in buildings. This makes a lot of sense, but indoors is not where conditions are naturally optimal. Due to the compulsory high insulation values of new buildings, the signal is blocked. And when new buildings are being built, mobile coverage is rarely considered.
Coverage can also be poor in older buildings if the building is located far away from a 4G or 5G mast. This often occurs in rural areas in particular.

If you are experiencing poor coverage within your building, a site survey is often a smart starting point. An extensive site survey or 4G/5G QuickScan (also 2G for IoT applications) indicates whether and what SmartDas solution is desirable within your building.

4G and 5G site survey (2G is also possible)

We use a site survey to map out the signal strength and quality. That could be for a specific provider, but also for all providers.

Part of a site survey is an extensive walking test. This has nothing to do with a cooper test or shuttle run. During a walking test, our test engineer walks a route through your building and gathers information about the quality of the mobile signal.

After completing the route, this data is projected onto the floor plan of the building, showing quickly and clearly where the coverage is inadequate. The report also shows which providers score well, and which score less well. The extra advantage of a site survey is that additional coverage requirements can be included in a tender, with the report as a guide.

Quick scan

This involves our test engineer walking through the building with an RF tester. This measurement gives a good indication of the coverage. The measured signal values are entered into the floor plan in digits. A legend shows where the mobile coverage exceeds the limit values. This type of measurement is mainly suitable for internal use and is a quick and useful way of assessing whether improvement is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

An extensive survey with reports is available from €1,500. A quickscan is available from €450.

The prices depend on the floor area, the type of building and the number of providers we must measure.

You will generally receive the site survey, including report, within ten working days of when the measurement was taken.

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