Better coverage in your data centres

By constructing data centres, the coverage in such a centre is often moderate to poor. SmartDas is also a perfect solution in such a situation. This connection is based on LAN cables, making perfect mobile coverage accessible for everyone.

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    No mobile coverage in your data centre

    The way in which data centres have been constructed means that the mobile coverage in such a centre is often not as good as it could be. With SmartDas, based on LAN cables that are generally widely available in data centres, it is possible for us to achieve good mobile coverage quickly. 4G and 5G for speech and data and 2G for IOT applications.

    Mobile coverage for 1, 2 or all providers

    Unlike the systems of many other providers, SmartDas works in a provider-selective manner. SmartDas strengthens the mobile signal of each provider separately, which is why SmartDas is technically superior to broadband DAS systems. Some of the advantages:

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