Better coverage in your educational institution

The time of chalk boards, exercise books and school books is largely behind us now. The modern student needs an interactive way of learning and educational institutions are keeping pace with that trend. Thanks to the increasing use of online learning environments and social media in education, coverage is more important than ever.

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    Mobile coverage in school buildings

    Modern students need an interactive way of learning, so the connection needs to be good in order to use smart boards, mobile devices and online learning environments properly. Outdoor mobile coverage is generally excellent, but most classes are given indoors. In new, well-insulated school buildings, in particular, the mobile coverage often leaves something to be desired. Let’s do something about it.

    No or poor 4G and 5G signal in your school building

    More and more schools are starting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) education, which means that pupils bring their own device (laptop, smartphone or iPad) with them to class. The signal coverage needs to be optimal in order for the device to function well; otherwise, this will be detrimental to learning activities.

    With SmartDas, we are able to deliver a successful and quick-to-implement solution. And it’s provider-specific, which means that we only improve the signal of the provider(s) whose coverage is inadequate.

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    Interested in a signal measurement or consultation?

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