Better coverage in offices

Many people will recognise the image of colleagues standing at the window – or even outside – with their mobile phones because they don’t have a signal anywhere else in the office. We believe it doesn’t need to be so hard. We will make sure you have a strong signal throughout the building. Shall we talk about it?

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    A beautiful new office building but no mobile coverage?

    Poor mobile coverage in the office is high on the list of office irritations, and we understand this, because an unreliable connection is annoying and interrupts conversations. At Basecom, we are pleased to be dealing with poor coverage once and for all.

    Poor mobile coverage can be caused by a number of things.

    Perfect coverage for every provider

    Property developers pay a lot of attention to developing sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, but mobile communication is something that they deem to be less important. Also, poor coverage often only comes to light later, once the building has been finished and all invoices have been paid. That’s annoying for the end user, to say the least.

    Luckily, we’re able to rectify this. With SmartDas, Basecom offers a perfectly working solution for your newly built, renovated or existing office building.

    Interested in a signal measurement or consultation?

    We work for organisations including: