What is SmartDas?

SmartDas is a next-gen, digital DAS system with unique properties. SmartDas is a perfect solution if good mobile coverage in buildings is important to you.

Provider-specific reinforcement, no broadband

Each provider’s signal is improved separately. SmartDas automatically looks for the best 5G and 4G frequencies. If the signal changes SmartDas, will adjust the system in real time, making it really smart! Automatic software updates make SmartDas future-proof and low maintenance.

* Example of hybrid SmartDas for all providers.*


SmartDas is a scalable solution for every building that has a floor area between 200 and 200,000 m2.

Coax, LAN or hybrid

There is a SmartDas for every DAS platform. We supply traditional coax DAS, a UTP or fibre-based DAS and a hybrid DAS; a combination of the first two.

Quick delivery and implementation.

SmartDas has a modular structure and can be adjusted fully automatically, making it quick to install. For urgent assistance if coverage is lost, we have an urgent service that ensures that you are quickly accessible once again.

Remote control

SmartDas is equipped with remote control as standard, enabling you to operate the system remotely.


The active components are generally placed out of sight, but the SmartDas system antennas are visible. For buildings where aesthetics play a role, we have special ULP (ultra low profile) antennas, which are just 5mm thick and are available in every RAL colour.

SmartDas systems are supplied by more than 200 mobile providers worldwide. These are the best and most innovative ‘off-air’ DAS systems on the market. Basecom is the exclusive distributor and system integrator of SmartDas systems.

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