Better coverage in your car park

As soon as you drive into an underground car park, the mobile signal is often lost: otherwise known as the ‘I’m-just-driving-into-a-tunnel-syndrome’. That’s not ideal, for safety and business considerations, for example. Luckily, we have the right tool to guarantee excellent mobile coverage, even in underground car parks.

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    SmartDas is the perfect solution for good mobile coverage in car parks

    Nowadays, we want to be accessible and mobile everywhere we go at all times – which therefore means in car parks too. If you drive into an underground car park and lose signal, you will know that it’s unlikely that we have been working there already, as we supply solutions that make coverage perfect in underground car parks too.

    We already supplied a custom solution for both private commercial car parks and major public car parks that enable visitors to make optimal phone calls and optimally use the internet, even underground. SmartDas supports:

    Electric car but no signal around your charging point?

    A charging point or charging column connected by a GSM connection has lots of advantages, such as automatic payments and an immediate online overview of your power consumption.

    Underground car parks are ideal charging locations for electric vehicles – at least, if good 2G, 4G and 5G coverage is available. SmartDas is the perfect and affordable solution in this case too.

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    We work for organisations including: