Use of repeaters


According to the Telecom Agency (, a GSM-, UMTS-, or LTE-user requires permission from the relevant provider as they are the license holders of the GSM, UMTS & LTE frequencies. Repeaters’ use without permission can be seen as illegal transmitting. The agency can issue a warning to the user and in the worst case even impose a fine. This usually happens when network interference has been caused.


Our new SMARTrepeaters are the first generation wideband repeaters, truly operating 100% interference-free. Even if the repeater isn’t properly installed it can’t cause interference. When changes in a network appear, the SMARTrepeater automatically adjusts itself, when the outside signal is too strong, the repeater will automatically switch off. The SMARTrepeaters have a “sleep mode” which makes them only work when a call is being made. (this is made visible with a LED). The SMARTrepeater has been developed and manufactured in the EU. A SMARTrepeater has no buttons or dipswitches, setting up is being done fully automatic by the SMARTrepeater.


Cheap Chinese repeaters frequently cause (serious) interferences in the networks without it being visible for the user. The CE marking is wrongly being used as a quality label. “Top Quality”, “CE approved”, “interference free” and “CE certificate” are nonsense and downright misleading. These repeaters can be recognized by their low price and dipswitches. “Dumb” repeaters have to be manually set and won’t respond to changes in the network.

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